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Life’s a Beach

reading a book on Khao Lak Beach

In Khao Lak, it’s true that… Life’s a Beach

“…over 20 kilometres of glorious, unspoilt beaches…from rich gold to powdery white in colour…”


Loungers on the beach in Khao Lak


hat sets Khao Lak apart from other competing tourist destinations is its 20 kilometres of glorious, unspoilt sandy beaches, ranging from a rich gold to powdery white in colour.

Ultimate relaxation

Peace and tranquillity ensured


Jet-skis, parasailing and banana-boat rides are not allowed, nor are row upon row of sunbeds down to the water’s edge. This ensures peace and tranquillity even at the busier stretches of beach near the main resorts, making walking and sea- shelling the most strenuous activities you are likely to face.

Relaxing on Khao Lak Beach

As well as the mainland beaches in this guide there are also stunning ones to enjoy on nearby islands such as Koh Tachai


Quiet enjoyment of these fantastic beaches and the turquoise Andaman Sea under a mostly azure sky, is the order of the day for the majority of visitors.

kids fun on the Khao Lak beach

Safe fun on Khao Lak’s Beaches


The Magnificent 8

There are 8 mainland Khao Lak beaches in all – each with their own distinct character. From North to South these are:

  1. Bang Sak Beach
  2. Pak Weeb Beach
  3. Pakarang Beach
  4. Khuk Khak Beach
  5. Bang Niang Beach
  6. Nang Thong Beach
  7. Sunset Beach


Reading on the beach

Relax with a good book


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