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Welcome to Food Street

Welcome to Food Street

Soi Bang Niang is Khao Lak's Food Street Offcially ‘Soi Bang Niang’, Food Street easily offers the most eclectic and diverse dining in Khao Lak. While the Bang La On area may have more restaurants, this single soi (Thai for ‘small street’) offers perhaps even more diversity. Food Street is short enough that you can walk from the top of the street (the turn-off-from Highway 4, just north of Bang Niang Market and a 7-11 convenience store) to Bang Niang Beach at the opposite end in less than 10 minutes. Along the way, though, you will be tempted with numerous…

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Dec 06 2014
25 November 2014

Baan Srimuang Restaurant

Baan Srimuang Restaurant
12 November 2014

Meet the Chef

Meet the Chef
2 March 2014

Dining in Khao Lak

Dining in Khao Lak

The Khao Lak Dining Guide

Khao Lak Dining Guide

Thailand makes nearly every top ten food destinations survey in the world, and often is in the top five for best cuisine on the planet. Furthermore, Khao Lak is now consistently labelled among the best destinations in Thailand.

Whilst laid-back Khao Lak cannot compete with the likes of Bangkok in terms of the sheer number of dining choices, it nevertheless has over 200 restaurants serving everything from Mexican, Northern Thai, Southern Thai, Italian, Scandinavian, Japanese, German and many other cuisines-so your dining choices in Khao Lak are extremely varied.

Mattias PawlikIn terms of quality, Khao Lak has numerous excellent chefs from all over Thailand and the world striving to give Khao Lak visitors the best.

What’s more, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and meats usually do not travel far from where they were grown and harvested around the province to reach your table.

As a result, restaurants here are cooking and serving some of the freshest and best locally-grown food that is possible to find anywhere in Thailand. That’s something that most visitors really appreciate, whether dining with real silverware and teak furniture, or with their feet in the sand under a palm- thatched, bamboo hut by the beach.

As well as all the stand-alone restaurants in the area, all the hotels and resorts in the region also have one or more dining outlets on site. Often a little pricier than eating elsewhere - although usually still good value for money - many of these serve excellent meals prepared by top- notch chefs. Non-residents are welcome in most resorts, but it’s always worth calling them direct just to check.

Experience Khao Lak's Culinary Delights

Food from Khao Lak


mixed chicken and prawn satayThe end result is that in terms of dining and food, Khao Lak is on the up and up, and to help you explore the area’s culinary delights here is a brief gourmet’s guide to your options, broken down area by area, along with a few reviews and recommended places.

Most of Khao Lak’s diverse dining is in two districts of Central Khao Lak- Bang La On and Bang Niang.

There are also a few smaller clusters of restaurants near resorts in Southern and Northern Khao Lak as well.



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Central Khao Lak

Bussaba Restaurant Sign

Bang La On (the ‘Town Centre’) & Nang Thong Beach

In Central Khao Lak, Bang La On has numerous restaurants along both sides of Highway 4, the main road dissecting the main strip, which extends for 1.5km from the foot of the mountain at its southern end to the entrance to The Sands resort at the northern end.

Halfway along the Strip on the western (beach) side of the Highway 4 there is a McDonalds restaurant, which serves as a useful landmark, and 230m further north a set of traffic lights at the Nang Thong Beach Rd. junction.

This road also has several restaurants along it and leads to Nang Thong beach where there are yet more dining options.

You can find a huge variety of dining options and cuisines in this area-as well as delicatessens, cafes, pizzerias, steakhouses and more.

Bang Niang Market, Food Street & Bang Niang Beach

The second district in Central Khao Lak is in Bang Niang, especially on a street off the main road and leading to the beach-which several local expats simply refer to as ‘Food Street’ due to the numerous dining choices available.

To get there, if you are heading North from Bang La On on the main road (Highway 4) after 2km or so you will pass Bang Niang Market on your left. Take the next left-hand turn immediately after the 7-11 store and you’re at the top of ‘Food Street’.

Here and on a few smaller sois (small roads) leading off it, you will find a vast choice of dining options and cuisines to try-including Thai, Japanese, Italian, Mexican, Indian, German and more.

Northern Khao Lak

Gung Sarong

Khuk Khak, Pakarang, Pak Weeb & Bangsak

Northern Khao Lak’s dining is more spread out, often in small clusters of restaurants somewhere near a beach. A few establishments are also dotted along Highway 4 (the main road along the coast) and the roads leading off it.

Most independent restaurants in this area are inexpensive and serve mainly Thai food, often with some international dishes also on the menu.You’ll find a cluster of these, for example, near the beach on the road to Cape Pakarang (Coral Cape).

There are also some great places along Pak Weeb and Bang Sak beaches to eat fresh seafood by the beach as you watch the sun go down over the Andaman Sea, feet in the sand and cocktails in hand!

Southern Khao Lak

South Beach

Southern Khao Lak (before you cross the mountain into Bang La On if coming from the direction of Phuket) has a handful of small, family-run restaurants behind the resorts which line the lovely South Beach, as well as others lining the highway on either side of the South Beach turn-off.

If you are feeling more adventurous you can also travel 2 kilometres south to Thap Lamu and find many restaurants on the main road here, frequented by local Thais and serving real local dishes. Every Friday evening, Thap Lamu is also the site of a bustling market with a large variety of traditional Thai street food, snacks and fruit on offer.

Food in Focus

F2 Delicatessen

F2 Delicatessen

F2 Delicatessen, Food Shop and Café in Bang La On With over 10 years experience of making awesome sandwiches (in New Zealand and elsewhere) charming manageress Khun Patty is ensuring that F2 is fast becoming the go-to stopover for yummy take- away or eat-in lamb burgers, delicious baguettes and more. Plus there’s good coffee and…

Dec 06 2014


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