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Dining in Khao Lak

Khao Lak food

For its size, Khao Lak offers an astounding variety of dining options for every budget and palate.As well as those in the major resorts there is a vast number of independent restaurants in the region – over 160 at the last count – so food lovers really are spoilt for choice.

Delicious Thai Soups

In the future VISIT KHAOLAK will include a full-blown dining section with restaurant news, listings, reviews and more to help make sense of this bewildering amount of options.

Thai pancake vendor

For the time being, here are just a few popular establishments that you may wish to consider along with all your other dining choices, listed by area and cuisine type in alphabetical order.

Bang La on & Nang Thong (Khao Lak Centre)


Bella Italia

La Piccola Maria Pizzeria

Viking Steakhouse

Bussaba Thai Restaurant

Everyday Lazy house

Fizz Bistro-N-Bar

Kantary Café

Keeper Restaurant

Kung Seafood

Mojo Thai Restaurant

Phu Khaolak Restaurant

Smile Khaolak Restaurant

Ten Star Cafe & Food

Walker’s Inn (English/Thai)



Thai food in Khao lak

Bang Niang Village

If Bang La On has a lot of good dining choices, the nearby village of Bang Niang 1.5km or so to the north in Central Khao Lak really punches above its weight.The area has an abundance of good restaurants and is well worth a visit, particularly if you are staying in Central or Northern Khao Lak, only a short trip away by taxi or motorbike.

Thai food from Khao Lak

Welcome to Food Street!

Bang Niang is also where you will find ‘Food Street’ (Bang Niang Beach Rd, officially) so nicknamed for the sheer range of cuisines and number of restaurants to be found along its length and on the adjoining side streets.

Amici Restuarant Bang Niang

Amici Restuarant Bang Niang


Food Street links highway 4 to the beach at Bang Niang about a kilometre to the West. and has a mellow and very laid-back vibe, with none of the hustle or bustle of Khao Lak centre.The top end of the street joins highway 4 next to the 7-11 by Bang Niang market (roughly opposite the Police Boat Memorial Park).

Popular restaurants to consider in the Bang Niang area include:


Bella Ciao (pizza delivery)



The Rusty Pelican Mexican Cafe

Bavaria house / Jane Isaan (German/Thai/Intl.)

Chef Jimme

Chokdee Seafood

Green Pepper

Joe’s Steakhouse



Mars Bar & Café (English/Pub-style)



Siam Restaurant


The Thai Corner



From beach restaurants to fine dining, there are lots of choices outside of Central Khao Lak – here are just some of the places around the region that visitors usually enjoy:

Around the region Thai (& International)

Andaman Restaurant (Khuk Khak Beach)

Boatyard,The (Pak Weeb Beach)

C & N Kho Khao hotel (Koh Kho Khao)

Cliff & River Jungle Resort (Khao Sok)

Mama’s Restaurant (Khuk Khak Beach)

Memories Beach Bar (Pakarang Beach)

Ruan Thai (South Beach)

Sun Ray Restaurant (Khuk Khak)


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