Where to Stay in Khao Lak

The main Khao Lak Beach

On the West Coast of Southern Thailand lies a 30 kilometre coast along the Andaman Sea known as Khao Lak. It’s beloved by visitors from around the world for the natural beauty of its beaches, warm ocean and holiday comfort.

If you asked somebody about Khao Lak’s accommodation options…someone who knows Thailand well, but has never been to Khao Lak…they will say it’s known for up-scale resorts. However, Khao Lak actually has a very diverse range of places to stay and with so many people now falling in love with this area, the choices are ever broadening.

It’s true that Khao Lak has some of Thailand’s finest elite boutique resorts and big, international franchises. But, there are many smaller, family-run or locally-owned resorts and other lodgings that provide wonderful accommodation, great service, and delectable food, with Khao Lak’s lush, natural beauty right at your doorstep.

Geography of Khao Lak's Resort Towns

Relaxing in a hammock

The Khao Lak coastline covers an area from South Beach just north of Thap Lamu to Bang Sak Beach a few kilometres south of Takua Pa. This is comprises around 30 kilometres of beaches and coral reefs. Resorts and accommodation are most densely established in Central Khao Lak, consisting of Nang Thong and Bang Niang Beaches.

The more urbanized part of Khao Lak, Central Khao Lak, is conveniently located near most of the shopping, restaurants, and bars in Khao Lak. It’s more diverse for accommodation here, too. Not only resorts, but many of the smaller bungalows, budget and rental accommodations exist in these areas.

Southern Khao Lak has a few big, well-established resorts, but you won’t find very much cheaper budget lodging and only a narrow selection of restaurants and shops. Of course, this is not to detract from the beauty of the beach here, South Beach! Besides, Bang La On’s great dining selections are just ten minutes away by taxi.

Northern Khao Lak has many beaches and many resorts, bungalows and restaurants to choose from. However, because of the size of the area, the accommodation choices are more spread out over kilometres of beach. There are several big resorts and a few smaller, mid-range resorts and bungalows here. It’s away from the urban part of Khao Lak, so in many cases you won’t have a very diverse selection of places to dine or shop. However, all of the beaches here---Khuk Khak, Pakarang, Pak Weeb, and Bang Sak Beaches are stunningly beautiful and far less crowded---the tranquillity and closeness to nature that many Khao Lak visitors are seeking. There are a few clusters of dining areas in Northern Khao Lak. For more on these, see the Dining Guide.


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Bang La On’s Best

Khaolak Laguna Resort

Khaolak Laguna Resort

One of Khao Lak’s long-established resorts at the southern end of Nong Thong Beach, the 154 room Laguna’s architecture and decoration are in its own works, “classic oriental style in the embrace of nature” with its double-tiered Sino-style red-tiled roofs, pergola covered walkways, pagodas, with classic Chinese style porcelain, and other Thai and Asia motifs…

Feb 20 2015

Khao Lak Resorts

Resorts are Khao Lak’s forte. Khao Lak has become synonymous with luxury. But you can find these refinements in all shapes and sizes of accommodation. There are some fine boutiques and big names of superb reputation. Then there some rather small places offering lavish comfort as well. Some are expensive boutiques while others are a great deal less expensive, with clean rooms and grounds, nice service, and right on the beach---for a great price.

As you look at Khao Lak’s choices, one thing you will notice is that whether the accommodation is a resort or more of an actual hotel or bungalow operation, they will usually call themselves a ‘resort,’ which implies a big, expensive, fenced-off, self-contained village of to many travellers. Use this guide to help you decide what each place has in the details. Some people want the pampering of a lifetime with personal butlers, tennis courts, six swimming pools, private Jacuzzi, and three restaurants with five-star chefs. Other people are looking for a small, quaint place with clean bungalow rooms, attractive grounds, lovely gardens, simplicity, a nice place to eat, and friendly staff at a nice beach.

Bang Niang’s Best

Casa De La Flora

Casa De La Flora

Built right up to Bang Niang Beach’s edge, this resort has a fully modern, minimalist, cubist architectural design and layout, with a villa concept to allow for maximum ocean views with themes like all-glass fronted villas, minimal vegetation, and low-lying incorporation of architecture into the landscape and angles and layout that also help maximize privacy.…

Feb 20 2015

Khao Lak Budget Accommodation

There are also a few budget hotels and small, city inns along the main road and a few less advertised places that have lodging for backpackers or people who are happy with a bedroom with an electric fan and a beach. What budget choices there are could be costlier than other Thai beach towns, and these are virtually all located in Central Khao Lak. You can find such few places in Bang La On and Bang Niang around the urban, commercial areas around the main road, shops and market. Budget travellers planning on staying a month or longer can do a bit of legwork and discover places to rent for a month or more that can be a great deal, however. If you ask the locals, you will find them quite helpful and knowledgeable of such places to stay.

Pak Weeb’s Best

The Sarojin

The Sarojin

One of this renowned resort’s greatest assets is its location on a great sweeping bay, part of which was later to become the now very popular ‘White Sandy Beach.’ Despite being more popular now with some nice restaurants, the beach is striking, and the grounds of the Sarojin are refined-looking, with nice gardens, extra fine…

Feb 20 2015

Booking Tips and Tricks

Online Bookings

Many resorts, guest houses and bungalows have great deals on line at agencies like, and others. Some of these are considerably cheaper than direct booking or walk-in booking. The green season is the best time for great discounts in Khao Lak hotels. Other people have reported cheaper prices for walk-in bookings than prices advertised on-line, but this is more likely during the tourism low season, or Green Season. At this time, often in smaller resorts, you can often talk the management into a bargain deal, especially if they know you will stay a while.

Last Minute Deals

Last minute deals in booking flights and hotels are often available on internet booking websites. Some hotels will even put special deals on their websites, so it’s worth checking there too. A lot of these deals may have inflexible dates, as they are trying to make up for sudden openings in their booking schedule from last minute cancellations. The resort will actually offer a decent price to cut their losses in these cases. Other times, these deals will be through on-line booking agencies or established agencies like TUI or Thomas Cooke and others, and not directly with hotels.


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