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Diving into the Realm of Manta Rays

Giant Manta Ray Photo © Dr. Andrea Marshall

9th March 2015 at the Sparrow Bar

Dr. Fabrice Jaine, from the Marine Megafauna Foundation, will once again be hosting a presentation about Manta Rays in Sparrow Bar, Bang Niang in March.

Marine Megafauna Foundation & Dr. Fabrice Jaine

Jannik D. Pedersen photographing giant mantas in the Andaman Sea Photo © Dr. Andrea Marshall

Expert underwater photographer Jannik D. Pedersen photographing giant mantas in the Andaman Sea. Like fingerprints in humans, the markings on each manta’s underside are unique to that animal. Photo © Dr. Andrea Marshall


For the 5th year in a row, MMF will be taking the opportunity to visit the Mergui Archipelago, and Thailand top Mnata hotspots, on their world famous Ray of Hope Expeditions. Dr. Jaine will be representing the foundation and using the expedition to teach guests on board about these gentle giants and also hopefully collect ID shots for Manta Matcher, an on-line database tracking Manta Rays. The Marine Megafauna Foundation conducts these expeditions world wide, all in the name of marine research.

Dr. Fabrice Jaine

Dr Fabrice Jaine

Dr Fabrice Jaine

Amongst other talents, Dr. Fabrice Jaine is an award winning photographer; his passion for the ocean can be seen clearly through his stunning photographs of aquatic life. In 2013 he joined the Marine Megafauna Foundation as a senior scientist.

Working with Dr. Andrea Marshall, ‘Queen of Mantas’, was a natural progression for Jaine. After being celebrated as the first person in the world to complete a PhD on the movements and behaviour of manta rays, it seemed only right that he should go on to join one of the leading Manta research bodies in the world.

Ray of Hope 2015

Join the team of citizen scientists with Dr Fabrice Jaine

Join the team of citizen scientists with Dr Jaine

Hosted by Dr. Jaine, the Ray of Hope Manta Research Expedition 2015 will depart on the 28th February for 8 days and 8 nights.

Visiting the Mergui and Similans at this time of year should be very rewarding for research, but also for the guests keen to spot a manta and learn more about their behaviour.

Once the trip is complete, Dr. Fabrice Jaine will welcome the diving community and all Khao Lak visitors, to Sparrow Bar on Bang Niang Beach Road on the 9th March.

Diving into the Realm of Manta Rays

Fabrice will be presenting fascinating facts and data that the Marine Megafauna Foundation have been collecting up until now. The focus of the talk will be on ‘Tourism, Awareness and Global Conservation Efforts’, important subjects for this tourist destination on the Andaman coast.

Researchers approach a giant manta from above. Photo © Dr. Fabrice Jaine

Researchers approach a giant manta from above. Photo © Dr. Fabrice Jaine


Khao Lak thrives on the diving tourism industry; the Similans are one of the main reasons many people visit this area. Dr. Jaine will outline how to dive responsibly in general, and also about how we can all take part in citizen science. He will explain how the diving community can help raise the profile of the majestic manta, and most importantly, how we can all help with conservation efforts.

Shark Guardian

Brendon presents

Shark Guardian will be making an appearance at this event. Leading on from Manta awareness, Liz and Brendon will be speaking more about how to contribute to shark conservation. The Shark Guardian team will take the chance to reiterate the importance of data collection for the protection of all marine life.

A Fun and Educational Night Out

The presentation will not only be fascinating for ocean lovers, but it will also help to raise funds for these two great charities. 10THB from each beer will be donated to the causes, so that means the more you drink, the more you help Manta and Shark conservation!

Dr. Fabrice Jaine and Shark Guardian will be presenting at Sparrow Bar in Bang Niang on the 9th March at 19:30.

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